"I’ve actually gotten more private clients this year from the Conservative Directory than from Psychology Today. And I love the feedback I get from those clients about how grateful they are to have a therapist with similar values. They feel so much more at ease."

Janet Worley


"I am proud to be a conservative because that means I stand in truth and assert that the US Constitution is the most evolved expression of truth upon which a nation can and should be based. It preserves and promotes individual responsibility, which is and must be the basis of any great society. As a conservative therapist, I honor the individual's right and responsibility to uncover their own inner truth, inner healing and enlightenment from within themselves - not from an "expert elite" who tells them how to think and live. I have found that this underlies the great love and morality that we all need - and what our nation can exemplify if we wake up and come together in it. I have received many referrals through this directory and my clients greatly appreciated my services."

Craig Polsfuss


"I get most of my private and insurance clients through this site. I cannot tell you how relieved they are to find someone who supports their views, who they feel they can pour their hearts out to with no fear of judgement. I love helping them! I’ve also gotten parents reaching out because they don’t want their children in therapist offices with rainbow flags, or therapists that automatically affirm sexuality or gender. They want therapists that accurately assess their children and teens and provide appropriate, nonjudgmental, non-leading therapy. They trust this site to provide therapists who guide people to who they truly are, not who they think they should be."

Christine Evans