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Find a Professional

Dear American Patriots

Here you can search for Psychologists, Therapists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Coaches, and Alternative Healers who are Affirming of American Conservative Values.

Many therapists and healing professionals believe it is important to not talk about their own political and religious viewpoints in therapy. The session is for you to talk and get support!

That being said, you can trust that professionals on this National Directory share at least some of your Values.

More importantly, therapists listed in this directory have agreed to affirm YOUR American liberty to celebrate whatever Conservative values are important to you and your family … without you fearing that you will be judged, misunderstood, or controlled.

**Members of this Directory service clients of various backgrounds, including clients who identify as Politically Liberal; however, they also are supportive and aligned with at least some Conservative values.


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NOTE: Though most therapists have the ability to do tele-health, legal restrictions are such that they typically may only conduct tele-health with clients residing in their licensed state. The search bar will allow you to search for your state, so you can limit your search to the therapists applicable to you.