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Half of Americans have Conservative values, yet the majority of professionals in various occupations are guided by a Liberal mindset. Some consumers prefer seeking help from a professional who understands and supports their values… especially when these values are relevant to the service being provided.

This Directory and Membership Site is meant to reduce barriers and to provide resources for Conservative Americans who are currently underserved. Conservative Professionals and Consumers will also benefit from having an online space to network with one another!!!

Why We Exist

Some Conservative Americans in this polarized era are looking for a therapist, physician, life coach, attorney, or other professional who shares the same beliefs. This is necessary during a time such as this.

For example, some comments made by Liberal professionals towards their more Conservative counterparts are hateful despite an ethics code that requires collegiality. So, it may be difficult to trust that some Liberal professionals will listen to their Conservative clients with an open mind and heart, especially when the services being sought by a client have some kind of relevance to politics.

Most online directories do not allow for professionals to indicate whether or not they have Conservative, Libertarian, or Independent Political Values even though Conservative Americans are seeking Professionals with similar values.






And More...


Are you a physician, attorney, pharmacist, life coach, psychotherapist, or nutritionist who agrees that America needs greater tolerance and respect for clients with Conservative political and/or religious beliefs? If so, please subscribe to be a member of our Public Directory!


Find a Professional

Is it important to you that your therapist, doctor, attorney, or healer supports and even shares your Conservative values? You can search our Public Directory here for providers whom you can trust will accept and align with your belief system.


As a professional, you will benefit from subscribing to our Private Membership Site. All private members are vetted for political affiliation to help create a safe environment free from cancellation and doxxing. You can network with other like-minded professionals. Even if you don’t want to subscribe to the Public Directory, you can list yourself in the Private Directory for Consumer Members to find you.


As a consumer, you will benefit from joining the Private Membership Site. You will be able to view a more extensive Private Directory of Conservative Professionals. Some professionals are wary to subscribe to the Public Directory; however, you can find them privately within the Membership Site. In addition, you may be able to network with other consumers to find out what professionals they trust to be supportive of their Conservative value system.


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